Jessica Belwood is Deaf from birth, fluent in American Sign Language and founded Bellewood Virtual Assistant, LLC. She is passionate about serving, helping grow and impact Deaf-owned businesses and organizations to bring prosperity to the Deaf community. Jessica also provides expert consultation on how to tap a gold mine: a niche with millions of Deaf/Hard of Hearing people and American Sign Language users, the best-kept secret. Wielding a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she can help your business to connect with customers in a meaningful way, and create an impact. As for hearing business owners or organizations, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that working with a Deaf Virtual Assistant is not only more efficient but leaves a lasting impression on your business and community.

The marketing methods today has dramatically evolved the past decade. Staying up to date with marketing methods are critical for success. Future and current clients, Jessica is continually learning and applying successful and proven marketing methods from the real experts, so you can rest assured that quality service will be provided. Get proven results for a very affordable price!