Grand Opening!!


A new beginning..

Few years ago, as I was transitioning out of a season as a Deaf stay-at-home mom to two little boy-tornadoes, I began to feel a pull towards businesses.

It was a quite confusing journey. I didn’t have a million-dollar idea or product that would dramatically change lives.

I only had a passion to be a “life cheer coach.” I wanted to see lives enriched and changed. For over a decade, I volunteered and worked as a mentor to Deaf/Hard of Hearing teenagers. And I LOVED it.

But I saw that I wasn’t making the impact I wanted. After graduating high school or college, many of the Deaf/HH youth I mentored would fall into isolation and dissatisfaction with life. Didn’t blame them at all.

After all, having a 70% under or unemployment rate hanging over someone’s head would be enough to make them crawl under a rock. It was so frustrating to see a talented person be passed over repeatedly for an opportunity that they were more than qualified for. Ideas, talents, potential often were squashed.

I was tired of seeing the world miss out on an incredibly talented pool of citizens ready to contribute and bless them.

Grabbing life by the horns

While I was exploring the possibility of having a career as a social media manager, I seized an opportunity working with Pepperbox Coffee, the country’s first Deaf-owned coffee cafe business. I practiced what I was learning in social media marketing with Pepperbox Coffee, and the results stunned me. A press release I wrote landed them on TV, and the segment was picked up in cities all over the country, not only in their region. Followers exploded on social media platforms. Their customer traffic doubled. A culture gradually emerged, and the customers loved the experience and branding that Pepperbox Coffee offered. It was incredible seeing the impact of a Deaf-owned business in the local community. Through that experience, I learned how important marketing was.

After that experience, I was hooked. A dream to see more Deaf-owned businesses open up began to grow. I attended the first Deaf Entrepreneurial Networking conference at Gallaudet University. Meeting several Deaf mountain-movers empowered and inspired me.

A new dream came alive

And so, Bellewood Virtual Assistant was born. A perfect marriage of my passion for empowering the Deaf, and entrepreneurship. Through this business, I hope to empower more Deaf-owned businesses or organizations serving the Deaf/HH to grow and bring prosperity and opportunities for our future Deaf/HH generation.

As a virtual assistant (aka a cheer coach), I crush obstacles with business ownership and smooth out the path for emerging Deaf entrepreneurs. The tedious details of running a business can be outsourced to a virtual assistant, freeing up emotional and mental energy to invest in growth.

Are you a biz owner being drained by customer service, billing, invoicing, administrative duties, marketing, or more? Give ’em all to me. I’ll take care of them, so you can forge ahead and pave the way.

I’ll be behind you, cheering all the way.

Jessica BelwoodComment